UC-EL flour mill is producer and exporter of wheat flour proved itself on quality in Turkey. Our production plant has 160 ton daily capacity and is away 135 km. from Istanbul Port and 50 km. from Tekirdag Port.

In local market, our factory sells to Bakers, Food Wholesalers and the Markets, has the client potential operating in different sectors in many countries at Middle East, Far East and Africa region.

Our company operates in the sector for more than 22 years, has been quite wide range of experience on production, logistics, marketing and exporting.

With 20,000 tons of wheat, 1,500 tons storage capacity and experience in the field of logistics, provides the opportunity to respond to the needs of our customers.

Our company reached professionalism on Production, quality and customer satisfaction has ISO 22000 HACCP quality and hygiene standards.


Ticaret Sicil No: 2273   

Mersis No : 0904 0024 5570 0017  

İşletmenin Merkez Adresi : Evrensekiz Kasabası Lüleburgaz 

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Şirket Ortakları :
1- Mustafa NALBANT / Şirket Ortağı / Hisse oranı %67 Taahhüt Edilen ve Ödenen Sermaye Miktarı : 4.020.000,00 TL
2- Tarık NALBANT / Şirket Ortağı, Yetkili Müdür / Hisse Oranı %33 Taahhüt edilen ve Ödenen Sermaye Miktarı : 1.980.000,00 TL

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