Our family, whom engaged in agriculture trade since 1978, commenced its operations in the production of wheat flour in 1991 with the establishment of UC-EL Milling Industry and Trade Limited. Over time, with the investment on the quality and capacity, our company which is established on an area of 10.000 meter square, has 10.000 Ton on wheat and 600 Ton of wheat flour storage area.

In our factory with the production capacity of 160 Ton per day, top quality of wheat are offered to our customers by carefully selecting and blending.

With the experiences and the investment of the years, our company took its place between dominant and most reliable companies in high quality wheat flour market in the region.

Our company with its team focused on its goal of continuous development and improvement appropriate to quality standards, has became a firm its market share increases everyday by meeting customer expectations with producing effective and efficient products.


  • Wheat Flour Type 650
  • Wheat Flour Type 550
  • Wheat Flour for Chapati
  • Wheat Flour for Noodle
  • Cake and Pastry Flour
  • Wheat Flour for Wafer
  • Wheat Flour for Biscuits
  • High Gluten Flour

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